Snom 320 doesn't registrate himself

:frowning: I am started a week ago with asterisk and is challenging.
I want to test a simple setup with two phones, a SNOM 320 and a CISCO 7960G. Several configuration files are made like sip.conf, sscp.conf and extensions.conf and a skinny.conf.
First I configured the SNOM320 then after I rebooted it.
I the display of the SNOM I see the IP-address it got from the DHCP server. I gave the SNOM an account 2010.
In the Asterisk console with SIP debug enabled I saw no messages at all.
I can ping the SNOM from the shell. The Asterisk server is named In the SNOM configuration under item Registrar I see When I took off the phone I hear a dialing tone.


Why is the SNOM not registered in Asterisk ?
I did “sip show registry” and saw nothing.
I did “sip show peers” I saw 0 Offline, 0 Online.

Is there something wrong with the configuration ?