Snom 320 doesn't register

I have a Snom 320 connected via a switch to an Asterisk server.
The sip.conf and extensions.conf are according me correct ( I checked with samples on different sites ). The Snom 320 is dhcp enabled and has an account 1001 configured and a registrar ( the asterisk server ).
First I start the asterisk server till it is up and running.
After, I powered the Snom 320. In the display of the Snom I see it receives an IP-address and a netmask.
In the Asterisk console I entered “sip show peers” and “sip show registry” and I see that nothing is online and offline and nothing is registered.


  1. What is the communication process between the startup of the Snom and the Asterisk server with respect to the config files.
  2. Is there anything more in the Snom I have to configure to let the registering be succesfull ?