Snom 320 cannot register

Asterisk version: 1.2.8

I checked and re-checked config files on the asterisk server, they’re OK!
I checked the Snom get its IP-adres from the dhcp server, that’s OK!
I sniffed the communication between the Snom and the Asterisk server.
I see the Snom send a SIP message to the Asterisk server to register.
Then the Asterisk server try to connect to the Snom on a certain port but failed because port was probable not opened. An ICMP message with host unreachable is the response.

It is possible to ping the Snom from the Asterisk server !

Question 1:

What is possibly missing in the configuration of the Snom 320 ?

Question 2:

Could the image on the Snom be corrupted ?


Try go to the page “sip trace” of the Snom web interface and check what the * server answer (unauthorized ?) when the Snom tries to register or check the sip messages exchanged within * cli, activating the debug of the sip protocol.


Marco Bruni

check the snom website FAQ. i have a 300 and there a number of asterisk-related tweaks to the snom config…