What ports does Asterisk use?

I need the port asterisk uses, so i can implement a better security on my Asterisk by blocking all other ports.

Can someone list them up?


what protocols are you using, and what ports have you told Asterisk to use in the conf files for the protocols you are using ?

I actually left it at default.

Made the ‘make samples’ and all i edited was sip.conf and extensions.conf.

so you have the bindport in sip.conf and the RTP range in rtp.conf. both UDP. what else do you want to restrict ? AMI ? IAX2 ?

I allowed the whole udp range & disallowed the whole tcp protocol , but it doesn’t seem its working…

I’m trying with eyeBeem soft. if thats makes any difference

I just want to allow all Asterisk ports that uses, since this is not my server I only installed it for another company, and I dunno what other asterisk proto they are goin to use, I simply want to allow all ports that Asterisk will use.

can you clarify this ? what’s not working ?

This may be of help to you voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+firewall+rules

Thanks alot :smile:
that helps

I also did a iptables -A INPUT -j DROP at the end of firewall hoping it won’t do anything bad.

Thanks again

uxbod, I was digging in the forums and found this out. It’s great, thanks a lot.

Best regards.

No problem. Wiki’s are your friend :smile: