On how many ports Asterisk works

Hi all,

I want to implement firewall on Asterisk software
but how many ports Asterisk used excetly
i know it works on 5060 & 5061 but if it user more than these ports…please tell me

depends on wich protocols you are using

In fact, in your sip.conf file, there is a line, which let you difined which port you work with for using SIP protocl.

And once you using SIP establish the connection between two end users, they communicate using RIP, which running in a range of port, in default its range is 1000-4000(I am not so sure)

So what do you mean the ports they run? you can use the command to see more details about the port.

netstart -nap

Below are the port numbers per protocol. On your router NAT/firewall, just make sure you forward the ports to your * server IP. I hope this helps.

SIP ports (UDP & TCP) 5060 - 5082
RTP ports (UDP & TCP) 8000 - 20000 or 5000 - 31000 (Asterisk Default). Make sure rtpstart= and rtpend= in sip_nat.conf carries the same port ranges, and make sure your phones are within this range. X-Lite softphone, for example, is RTP TCP/UDP 8000.
IAX - IAX2 port is TCP & UDP 4569. IAX port is TCP & UDP 5036
H.323 - TCP & UDP 1720
SCCP (Skinny) - TCP & UDP 2000