Ports thats use Asterisk in whole it's funcionalities


I have this problem:
when I have iptables firewall on CentOS 4.4 runnings out, my SIP telephones does not connects to the Asterisk box.
maybe I have the same problem with another funcionalitis, at this time I don’t know before intend to use them.

What I need, is to permit the connections on this ports to Asterisk depend of services I use.

Is there any document that describe the use of tcp/udp/sip/iax and any another protocols and ports used by Asterisk?

I think that must be some documents that describes that in whole acspect like NAT, PAT etc.
This document will be very helpfull to resolve many problems.

Thank you in advance.

Q. What ports do I need to open on my firewall?
A. Depends on the services you are using. SIP runs on UDP port 5060.
In addition SIP needs UDP ports 10000 - 20000 open for RTP media transport.
IAX2 runs on port UDP 4569. MGCP runs on port UDP 2727. The Asterisk
manager interface runs on TCP port 5038. You do not need to open a port
unless you are using that method of communication.

These are the default port numbers, you can set them to whatever you like in their respective config files.

If you are behind a NAT you will need to port forward the correct ports to the correct machine.

If you are behind at NAT, I would recommend using IAX because data and audio come in on the same port, where as with SIP they are seperate. So it is generally easier to work with.