What Asterisk ditribution is best for a small Call Centre?

Have done some research and came across the following distributions:

[ul]Asterisk 1.4
TrixBox (Asterisk@Home)
All of them explicitly focus on their VoIP and PBX functionaly…
I would like to consider one of those to be used for small Call Centers (approx 5 agents).
Which one of the above distributions is better geared towards Call Centres?
Perhaps another distribution with qualified CC functionality that I haven’t come across yet?

Have a look at: queuemetrics.com/. I understand that this could be used with either Druid (a management GUI) or Trixbox to provide a highly flexible call centre system.

I’d recommend Trixbox personally.

The problem with Trixbox alone is that whilst you do get reporting of CDR records and they can be stored in a MySQL database the reporting is not really useful for call centres where lots of stats are generally required like service level (inc. abandoned calls, answer times, servicing times, etc). Queuemetrics gives you this level of reporting.