Call Center

Sorry if this question has been asked before… Can anyone recommend an open source call center product that works with asterisk? We’re looking for something that has extensive reporting capability.

Thanks in advance.


If you find one let us know :smile:

Call center software is rarely cheap and almost never free.

and when you want [quote]extensive reporting capability[/quote] then it will be neither free or cheap. have a look at queuemetrics they have a good product. Or write or get someone to write your own.


I believe I can use the queue functions that come with Asterisk. I also think I can handle the reporting part as long as CDR catches the extension which answers the queue - does anyone know if that is the case?

What I need beyond that is the ability to monitor a call in progress. For that to happen, the person who wants to monitor needs to which people are currently servicing calls that came in on a queue. Is there a way to determine this?


we have a solution for reporting for your asterisk pls. let me know if you are interested.

Plz go thru this site

they have excellent GUI for such requirements

We have a call center in need of this solution. Mescueta, if you could contact me I’d greatly appreciate it.