Weird Snom behavior on hangup

We’ve got a Snom 360 with a sidecar. First time I’ve used a Snom.

Funny thing, when you have a call on hold and answer a second call, the phone hangs up on both lines (the one on hold and the active one) when you hangup the receiver. Is that the way they designed it to work?

Put another way, the phone appears to hang up on all lines when you hang up on just one and have others on hold. More wierd than that: something in the SIP messaging makes Asterisk believe it should bridge the calls that the Snom just hung up on together.

What have I done wrong?

Instead of terminating just the active call, hanging up the receiver terminates all calls, including the ones on hold.

The phone is provisioned to be just on extension name. It has only one registration.

If you have example sip.conf and settings dumps from the web UI for your working 360, they’d be a big help.

phone can have many SIP registrations and have them working all at once. Change which one to use with up/down key.

As for the hangup it’s an option somewhere in Preferences, in the big long list full of odd nondescript options.

Also upgrade to the latest beta firmware, 6.3 i think. i’ve been using 6.3 for a while and it works great.

Do you have multiple lines set up as the same registrant?

In advance config on the web interface find ‘Disconnect on hook’ and turn it off. This will then leave held calls on hold if you hang up.

I hope this is what you meant.


I set Disconnect on hook to off and now it doesn’t hang up at all when I set the handset down.

You’ve GOT to be kidding me?! My two choices are hang up on everybody or hang up on nobody? Is that how multiline phones work in Germany? Is there any way to make a Snom 360 hang up just the active line when you set the receiver down?

That does sound bad, until you get it sorted you could just hand up the active call by pressing the X key. Then after you replace the handset the others are still left on hold.


These appear to be the right settings for what I’m looking for:

Disconnect on Hook: on
Transfer on Onhook: off
Cancel Key on Held Call: off

[quote=“kheston”]These appear to be the right settings for what I’m looking for:

Disconnect on Hook: on
Transfer on Onhook: off
Cancel Key on Held Call: off[/quote]

Yes, this does get the Disconnect on Hook working properly (not hanging up on multiple calls), but it means that you have to lose the “Transfer on Onhook” feature. Probably need a fix from Snom - I submitted a request.

  • Jason

Users have complained to me about the 360 joining incoming callers again. It doesn’t happen all the time, but every once in a while, they’ll attempt a transfer, and the phone ends up bridging two inbound callers together instead. If you’re not having this problem, mind posting your settings?