Hangup aren't detected

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with my cisco phone.

In my extension.conf i wrote :

exten => 805,1,Dial(SIP/user1)
exten => 806,1,Dial(SIP/user2)
exten => 807,1,Dial(SIP/user3)

When i want to call some ip phone it’s work when the other ip phone answer.

The problem is when i hangup the ip phone (internal call ip phone to ip phone), the other continu to ring until 60 second if nobody respond after it hangup.

This problem is not present when we call the outside or when the outside calls us. I tried software like Xlite and it works perfectly.

Do you have some idea ?

thx for your reply. :smile:

up please :smile:

Maybe it’s some abonent groups, macros, queues ? First of all - groups of sip users, think around this. From problem description it seems to be hard to work out anything else.

thx prod_user for your reply

For you the problem isn’t with the phone configuration but in asterisk ?

I specify i changed : musiconhold.conf, sip.conf, extension.conf and voicemail.conf after the other .con are origin.

What type of configuration must i change ? queues.conf , features.conf … ?

Thx for your reply.

There is or was a bug if a call was abandoned before the initial response from the called phone (one isn’t allowed to CANCEL before then and it was forgetting about the call completely). Could this apply here.

In general, for SIP problems, one needs a protocol trace.

Ok but do you think its a problem with the asterisk configuration or the ip phone configuration ?

I will use wireshark for trace the internal sip network

If the problem that after hangup others sips continue ringing - it’s certainly about asterisk, it’s hard for me to image any scenario when anything else can cause such effects.

At most, it may be connected both with sip and asterisk configuration.

But as it was said, looking through outputs will show where is the problem, huh?

I hope i will work monday with the protocol trace.

I’ll give you news about my problem

Thx for your reply.