Snom 360 & 320 Phones

Im not sure if this is an Asterisk or a SNOM setting but i am trying to stop my Snom360 and Snom 320 phones from using there 2 VOIP lines. What i am trying to achieve is when i am on a call, and someone else rings me, for them to get the busy signal or go to the busy VoiceMail greeting.

Because the phones have 2 Lines, when I am on a call and someone else rings, i can hear them on call waiting and see them displayed on the phone. On there end they always get the Unavailable Greeting as the phone is not busy.

Anyone have any suggestion??


how about invoking call-limit on the sip peer, and use ${DIALSTATUS} to evaluate which option to add to the VoiceMail application call ?

you’ll probably run into problems with call limits if you really want a 2-line setup.

Thanks, worked like a charm