Snom 360 joins incoming calls with one another

Intermittently, the Snom 360 we’re using as a receptionist’s station connects incoming callers with one another when we attempt to transfer a call to an internal extension. Customers call us back and tell us that all of a sudden they were talking to someone that had also called us.

The process looks like this:

  1. call comes in, placed on hold
  2. next call comes in, transfer to internal extension
  3. both line appearance lights go out
  4. both customers call back and say they were connected with one another
  5. receptionist calls me and yells at me

We’ve got no way to grab back the calls when it happens. We see that both lights go out, so we know they’ve been lost, but can’t get them back. I think this is due to the proverbial BLA/SLA issue they’ve tried to cure with 1.4.

Any suggestions?

first make sure you have the latest firmware… if this is an option it’s somewhere in the advanced menu…