Weird Polycom Provisioning Bug

So here’s the deal:

I’ve got a bunch of polycom IP430 and IP601 phones set up statically but with ftp server provisioning, and the subnet mask is set to

I decided recently to widen the network mask to, so I made the appropriate changes on both the ftp server, voip server and on the polycom phones.

Now the phones refuse to complete booting. They’ll boot perfectly fine if I take the ftp server out of the configuration, and they boot perfectly fine if I reset the subnet mask to on the phones.

What the hell could be going on? The error I eventually get is 0x4020, which is supposedly a configuration file issue but I simply don’t see how.

Having a rough week!

Are you sure you have the correct version of SIP ld files?

Pretty sure, and I’ve tried two firmware versions with the IP430 AND IP601 and getting the same results. I’m using and I’ve tried as well.