Error 0x0

I got polycom 501, which needed to be added to the other phones in the system. i have edited the sip.conf by adding the phone details and the extensions.conf as well. and added them the same as the other phone details. but when i connect it to our DHCP network, it boot up and loads the BootROM and end up with “config file error, error 0x0”.
a friend told me that the mac address for the 501 should be lowercase, otherwise it will show this error, i already checked the mac address and its a lowercase. what i need to know is:
after adding the phone details in the sip.conf and adding the extension number in the extensions.conf, so i have to do sumthing else other than that??.
i tried to run the command reload after adding the files but it didnt help.
anyone have an idea?!

How did you configure the phone ?