Updating fimware of Polycom on Asterisk

We are running Asterisk at my company. We have about 100 Polycom Ip phones that work great. We have currently 2 SoundStation IP 7000 phones that working fine. We just purchased another IP 7000, but the set up isn’t going like it normally does. I recieve the following 2 errors:

Image is not compatible with this phone
Application Image Error 0x120

I was told that the issue was probably the firmware and that I should go to polycom’s support site and get the 3.3.6 firmware.

My thoughts on this was to unzip the files and I guess throw them in the tftpboot folder. Before I did, I made a copy of the tftboot folder. Well I extracted the files into that folder and tested it with both the IP 7000 and my phone which is a Polycom SoundPoint IP 330 SIP. I rebooted both phones and it started to download a new Bootrom, which I thought was good. Then I recieved the following 2 errors after that.

Could no contact boot server, using existing configuration
Error, application is not present!

I reloaded the tftpboot folder that I had copied and atleast go the IP 330 working again, but the IP 7000 is still throwing the above 2 errors.

Any clues? I am relatively new to asterisk and this was my first attempt at trying to update the firmware on these phones, and I’m not even sure if that was the right way.


I made a copy of the


you need to ensure that you have a sip.ld and/or 3111-40000-001.sip.ld is within this folder.

Usually you should just dump the Content of the downloaded and unzipped Polycom File (use the split version) into the Asterisk TFTP Folder.

Ensure that all your Phones are able to run SIP 3.2.6 or you need to check this document: support.polycom.com/global/docum … B35311.pdf

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Steffen Baier