Web voip client

Hi every body,

I was developing a web2.0 application based on asterisk. The application needs to record voice directly from the client web browser… and I wonder if some one have already developed such functionality.

The problem is how the voice well be recorded directly from the browser using only opensource technologies and not with flash.

Great day everybody,


I really want to know that too.
Please answer, these are only yes/no questions.

  1. Is that possible to make a web based client (without flash, applet) and then make calls to PSTN or cell phone etc …?

  2. If not, will flash at the client side solve the problem? (control over microphone, but I am not sure it supports a voip protocol)

  3. I heard about sip servlet, can it do something for the web based client (no applets)?

Thanks a lot.

(I am a newbie to voip)

I am also working on a similar Web Development project. :blush:

Do let me know if you manage to get information regarding same.

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