[Asterisk Newbie] Is it Possible? SIP Flash Client

Hi, All.
I’m a newbie at asterisk. In my first app I build sip client at android and it’s successfully integrate with asterisk as a server.
Now, I will build web-based sip client. Is it possible integrate with asterisk if I build it using Flash?
And maybe, Do you know some sip library for building sip client with flash?

Please, help me…
Yoroshiku onengaishimasu :smiley:

Any client that implements a reasonable sub-set of SIP, SDP and RTP correctly should work.

I do not know of any Flash library - I generally avoid web sites that are heavily into flash, as they are rarely useful.

Adobe Flex?

@ david55: Same with you, but this is a research from my lecture and you know what I mean :smile:
@malcolmd: yeah, In my plan, I will use it. Adobe Flex. How? is it possible?

No idea. Some Googling indicated that people were using Adobe Flex to build SIP clients. The how’s of that, I couldn’t say.


Yes, you can build Flash SIP client, but you will need external sofware for this.
Best option on this moment is Flashphoner

This is partly opensource solution able you easily to create flashphones and
flash based click2call applications. Usually it used for calling from flash conferencing
to usually phones, and for creating click2call button services.

What esle…
It understand Speex, g711, g729 for audio and
h263, h264 for video. So you can call almost to anywhere.