WEB SIP/IAX Client directly connected to ASTERISK

Hi to all.

On my personal web pages I would like to put a web-based sip or iax client, that allow friiends to directly connect my asterisk server and talk to me free of charge skipping other softwares like Skype.

So probably the client should be configured to direct access my pbx as an extension.

Is it possible to find this kind of client?

Who already made this experience?

Thank you in advance

Will also be interested…

Yes this can be done.

The problem is that there is no Java based telephone or something like that (as far as I know) so that your friend will have to use some telephone.

One way of doing this is by establishing a kind of call back solution on internet.

Your friend klick on a link, type in his/hers telephone number, a new click and his/hers mobile telephone and your telephone is ringing. When you both open the telephone mobile telephone or any telephone, you will have connection.

I have it running for test just now. I will not say it is not to easy to make, and there is major security considerations, to prevent an incorrect use of such a functionality. (Someone could set up the connection not to you but to two quite different telephones, and you will have to pay.)

I think it is a bit difficult to set up such a application and to make it safe enough, so I only use it on my lan, for valling out.

By the way.

For idefisk you can just copy over the directory with preconfigured configuration. Idefisk also handle nat connections quite nice.

So if you don’t have any outgoing lines at all, at your asterisk server, you could have a preconfigured installation of idefisk for download at your web page.

Then the user can copy down this zip file open it to a directory and call you to lets say the internal external number 201.

If your asterisk server does not have outgoing lines it will not be able to generate any costs. In this way anybody will be able to call you from your homepage without a risk.


What a funny idea … I never thought at it before.

The optimal choice for this use would be to have a Java telephony client, that I believe does not exist yet (??). Being able to download a preconfigured Idefisk will not be to bad either. (Actuelly I have used such a preconfigured idefisk client on a USB memory stick for a while. This have worked like a telephony from the USB stick client. Why not also the same fram a web page. (When it can be done safe enough because there is no lines that can generate costs.)

If you ty this out, please leave a message (I thin it will work !!)

And ofcource … you will have to have a correct configured asterisk server in your end, with eventually proper forwarding trough a nat connection.

much simpler using IAX than SIP, of course…

Yes it is quite easy to configure and it travels trough most nat connections.

I tried to search on google to see if there should exist something like a Java plug in iax telephony client.

I found none, but it looks like there exist a sip based java client (???)


Wrong it wasn’t just a telephone, but the Idefisk idea should work …


Already tested with Idefisk.

Just made a zip compressed folder of the 4 Idefisk installation files (including the idefisk.config file.)

Then published this compressed file (Ca 1 MB) on my homepage.

Went down to a Interenet cape in the neighbourhood.

Clicked on the Idefisk link. The preconfigured Idefisk client downloaded in seconds. Just clicked on the compressed file in Win XP, and pulled out the file folder.

As it were preconfigured (with a idefisk.conf file) it just loged on by default setting, and I could call home without changing any setting.

Thanks a lot for the idea. This actually worked very good :smile:

Actually I don’t need my USB stick any more, everywhere there is Internet, there is also a telephone but it might be a good idea to remove the password from the preconfiguration if you have any outgoing lines. (Or you will have to have a very secure configuration of your Asterisk server.)

There is another way to do web-calls (more then one maybe);
First I’ve tried this:



It’s more secure; you just have to create an account with FWD and allow incoming calls for this peer in your asterisk;

Then if you want, and I did this, you can use this client to receive calls directly on your asterisk server without passing through FWD;


This is a lot more elegant and safe solution compared with the one I suggested.

But, … I woder a little bit … how does it work ??

Today I have one fwdnet.net acount that I use as a incomming line for my Asterisk server.

If I want to use this web client, should I then log on with my ordinary account (to use the web telephone) or does it work the oposite way, my web server should be logged on, and the web client does not require any log on at all ?

(When I tried to test the webclient, I think there popped op a log on prompt at least for one of the links.)

If log on is needed how should the user know the log on datas (withouot spoiling your own seccurity for the fwd account.)

Questions just because I think that the fwd client looks like a very elegant solution for a web based telephone. It is also based on ActiveX that in some way works much like a Java client (as I will see it …)

Look here



It actually looks like that the quite simple and homemade implementation of idefisk in some ways is superior to the fwd client.

I have tried to get the two alternatives to work on divere web cafes and public places, and idefisk work on most of them, while the fwd client does not. (But still it could be my incorrect use.)

By the way, if you combine idefisk with openvpn and configure this for tcp 443, then you will have a web telephone that work from everywhere when you are out and traveling. (Some firewall does only permit tcp 80 and tcp 443 out, and openvpn can do it on tcp 443.)

(By the way a tcp 443 tunnel reduses sound quality of the idefisk web telephone, so it works, but it’s not hifi.)

The link to the fwd client documentation did not work. I would be very courious to find out more about the correct use of this client …

And to mention it once more. The use of idefisk for doing outgoing Asterisk calls from web cafes and places like this is rather dangerous.

It is so easy to forget a idefisk with the right logon info, and then anybody can use it. I guess the fwd client will have a lot bether security.

I have now tested the fwd client.

It apeared that it needed no login info when you used this link:


It can call your fwd number and you will receive your call at your asterisk server.

A rather secure and nice alternative, but the fwd client has a number of problems with the security arrangements on public internet places. It work very good from my home, and the voice quality is superp (Much bether than the idefisk alternative, I think.

Feel en look is very good.

But Idefisk does bether firewall and nat traveral, with or without openvpn.

One other thing: The fwd client can be used for calling to your own a2billing system. Entering a pincode you will got your own Asterisk dialtone from anywhere at internet.

Thanks for info spyke. I knew fwd but not their web telephone.

many thanks for all suggestions!