Simple, quick question

So I did do a quick read on Asterisk. I think it is a great application. I do have a quick question before I delve deeper in Asterisk. Is Asterisk suitable for PC to PC calls through a web browser front end? Like a web server directs users to other users and the only equipment users have is a microphone. Can Asterisk provide this functionality or is it overkill? I know Asterisk can connect with phone lines but I don’t require it for my web site.

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Asterisk does not have a web plug in however you can get or develop a web app that will work like a sip phone. Asterisk would handle the call flow, call routing etc.

Cool, thanks for the quick reply. Do you know the name of any plugin that can do this?

This is where the problems start. you need to look at flash or Java as you will need a platform independant softphone.

IE it must work on IE firefox safari and opera to name but a few, as well as not caring about OS. if you knew all your users where on windoze with IE then there are some good activeX clients avalible.