Hi to all,
i am using asterisk1.4.21.2 and i have an issue while agents are free but calls dont route from queue, but when i reload or i reload queue.so it starts routeing. i also get a warning whenever calls routed to agents.

WARNING[10617]: app_queue.c:3014 try_calling: The device state of this queue member, Agent/8012, is still ‘Not in Use’ when it probably should not be! Please check UPGRADE.txt for correct configuration settings.
Kindly help me out, i would really appreciate for you community guys. thanks

Jehanzaib Younis

I have such a problem too and didn’t found a solution yet, check bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=12771 for more informations about.


Marco Bruni

Then how you get rid of this? its impossible to built an inbound call center on this version. WHts the stable release of 1.4? is this stable or i should degrade the telephony system to 1.2?
help would be appreciated. thanks