app_queue.c device state

Hello. Brand new to this forum, because I haven’t been able to find a solution anywhere else. I have two issues that I believe to be related:

  1. When call comes in on SIP trunk, sometimes the first few seconds of our receptionist’s greeting are not heard. The incoming calls go directly to a queue, where currently our receptionist is the only static member.
  2. Get many of these entries in /var/log/asterisk/full:

WARNING[12300] app_queue.c: The device state of this queue member, Local/800@from-internal/n, is still ‘Not in Use’ when it probably should not be! Please check UPGRADE.txt for correct configuration settings.

Yes, I’ve checked all the obvious. Yes, I’ve searched google. I’ve found a few related topics, however most of those are related to previous versions of Asterisk, which my version should be patched.

My system info:

Elastix 1.6-13