Wanting to use Asterisk to run Virtual Call Center

Im starting a virtual Call Center. I would like to use asterisk. At one of my previous jobs I connected via both a java based softphone and a landline pots line that synched by dialing in on the pots line and entering a access code and then i would go available andf take calls for the client. I would like to do something similar but not sure how to accomplish this with asterisk. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I would dial into their switch and enter an acess code to login to the softphone and sych the pots line and softphone to take calls. After looking at different options i just feel like its the most logical to try somehting similar but again Im not sure where to begin. Any help would be appreciated.

Any Suggestions at all would be helpful.

This is the wrong forum for support. My feeling is you want so much work from the responder that you need the Jobs forum.

no just simply looking for feedback on how this can be done and some suggestions since im new at this.