Is This Feasible?

Thanks in advance for everyone’s help.

I work for a small market research company. We generally have 5 to 7 interviewers working on the phones. We’re currently getting rid of our office and moving interviewers to their homes. Problem is I need to be able to monitor their calls. We’re currently having them use a vonage v phone and running go to my pc. The problem is that it’s bug prone. I was thinking of switching to a voip provider who allows running asterisk. If i were to setup an asterisk server, on a personal pc, is it possible for people at their homes using a soft phone to tunnel over the web and use the server and for me to monitor their calls, and is this something that is easily attainable or am I shooting for the starts here.? This is my main sticking point. Out of curiosity, our main business line is a pots phone, is it possible to run that through an asterisk server to take advantage of the features, such as call tag, voice mail, etc., not a necessity, but it would help me pitch the idea to my boss.

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It is not a problem at all. In fact you do not even need a VPN tunnel for the users. All you need is to have a public IP on the box (or you can use NAT but it makes it a bit harder) and you are all set to go. I would suggest not hosting it in your average office environment unless you have full power backup. I had a client in the past that went cheap and hosted his box off a cable line. The quality was horrible. You may want to get a PRI or have the box in a data center. You can connect your POTS lines to the box, you can go with a VOIP provider or you can go with a mix of both.

The company I work for terminates all traffic VIA TDM. So if you need termination or origination PM me