Voxzone x100p card asterisk won't answer the call

I’m a newbie…I’ve read a lot of sites and lot of docs on the internet…but I just can’t get my asterisk to answer the phone…my head’s about to explode :frowning: please help…my card’s configured right I can see the activity with ztmonitor when a call comes in…but no activity on astersk CLI …

what does your config look like for the zaptel channel?

Do “zap show channels” in Asterisk. If your channel is not listed, Asterisk isn’t seeing zaptel. Recompile Asterisk and it should work.

this is what I get when …
localhostCLI> channel list
Channel Location State Application(Data)
0 active channels
0 active calls

this is what my zaptel.conf looks like
loadzone = us

I did make clean on asterisk
make install
make sample
and still when I call I can see the ztmonitor do stuff but no answer

can someone please help me???

for asterisk to use zaptel you have to compile and install zaptel, THEN compile and install Asterisk.

try ‘zap show channels’ not just show channels or channels list. if you don’t see zap channels you have a problem.

what i suggest- kill asterisk and everything. unload zaptel

cd to zaptel source dir
make clean
make install
make config (sets up config scripts so zaptel starts at boot)

edit your /etc/zaptel.conf to make sure it has the right channels set up

service zaptel start (if not using redhat-type (fedora/centos) distro this doesnt work, but if you are it starts zaptel by config script)

ztcfg -vvv should spit out the right channels. if it does-

cd to asterisk source dir
make clean
make install
make config

now make sure that /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf has the same channels as zaptel.conf configured…

service asterisk start
asterisk -r to get CLI
now zap show channels should spit out the right channels…