Zap Channel Configuration! need to ensure

Hi to all,
I’ve clone WildCard X101P which is in orginal Ambeint MD3200 (Voice Modem)
I’ve configured it through Zap channel, The FXO channel is configured without any error
But the Asterisk is not working at all.
I’v checked the card using
[color=red]zttool -v[/color]
The output is
┌────────────────────┤ Zapata Telephony Interfaces ├─────────────────────â”

That looks fine.

What does your zapata.conf look like ? and your extensions.conf and what errors do you get.

Saying [quote]Asterisk is not working at all[/quote] is like ringing the garage and saying you car wont go, and expectig them to tell you whats wrong.


Thanks for the reply,
Here are my /etc/zaptel.conf file
and here is /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf
;hardware channels
;define channels
context=incoming ; Incoming calls go to [incoming] in extensions.conf
signalling=fxs_ks ; Use FXS signalling for an FXO channel
channel=>1 ; PSTN attached to port 1
as per my understanding if I called the server from external phone, the echo() command should need to be executed on Asterisk.
but at the moment it only bypass the server and ring my telephone
Please advise on this

What do you get o the console screen when a call comes in ? and are you sure you have the correct cable?


On CLI console mode I get nothing! :angry:
I’ve standard Telephone Cable.


OK what does “zap show channels” show ? also from the linux prompt run ztmonitor and see if th elevel alters when a call comes in ?

Does the card have a phone port ? if if it does make sure that you have the line in line socket and phone socket empty.

if it like this what do you get if you plug a phone in the phone port


Thanks for the reply,
(1) First the command on CLI mode ‘zap show channels’ is not supported, it output stating ‘no such command, type help’
(2) secondly I also checked the ztmonitor tools during calls, it don’t show any visual response for RX & TX,
(3) Yes, I’ve port for Phone, When I plugged the phone into this port, I can hear the traditional tone, although it come through card.
I’am in great trouble and I have almost wasted over two weeks of my life.


I’ve found that with recent versions of Asterisk, it appears you must have Zaptel installed and running before compiling Asterisk, or the chan_zap module is simply not built.

I tried to do an update on a ‘live’ system a couple of weeks ago. Downloaded latest Asterisk & Zaptel 1.4.x, built and installed them, rebooted - and Asterisk didn’t see the zap trunks, there was no chan_zap.

I re-ran the asterisk compile, starting from ./configure and it then built chan_zap as well… It had a zaptel 1.2.x version running the first time, so it must be checking version compatibility, not only if zaptel exists.

I’ve Asterisk 1.4.5 & zaptel 1.2.9
do you recommand that First I need to compile Zaptel and than Asterisk?
Please suggest…


You have ALWAYS had to compile Zaptel first. You will find many posts here from users who dont and wondering why things like meetme doesnt work.
The Order is and Always has been

Libpri *
Asterisk addons *
Asterisk sounds *

  • If required.


Do you recommand Asterisk 1.4.5 with Clone card Ambient MD3200 (Voice Modem)
have you used it? seen used by some one else…
Please reply
thanks! :frowning:

Yes, the compile order is pretty obvious, the big change seems to be that the Asterisk ./configure actually needs zaptel RUNNING to work correctly; zaptel make then make install is not enough, you need to reboot or start zaptel with service zaptel start (or restart if previously running an earlier version).