VOIP To PSTN Concurrent calls


I have Asterisk server up and running with extentions and incoming DIDs …All is going well :smiley:.

Basically, I need 10 concurrent calls from VOIP to PSTN.

10 VOIP callers CONNECTED to 10 PSTN users.

I know I need 1 DID with 10 Multi-channels. OR 10 seperate DIDs (which I do)

My issue is about the PSTN line…do I a need 10 SEPERATE PSTN lines which will have 10 different numbers each, connected to my Asterisk server? or is there a way around like buying gateways? …currently I am using SPA3102…confused :unamused:

Help will be appreciated.

Should have been on Asterisk Support.

You need 10 analogue lines, or 1 E1/T1, and either a corresponding card, or a gateway with the requisite number of lines. I guess, at 10 lines, you would be better using E1/T1.

Why can’t you get your ITSP to do this for you? The normal advice is to move to pure VoIP.

Sorry I posted in the wrong section…can I move?

Thanks David. you have cleared things for me…I can’t go VOIP yet, no such internet or voip trunk in Somalia yet :laughing: .

I will check with my phone company about ISDN line which I guess will give me what I need ( multi channels.)

Any good (and cheap) recommendations for ISDN or T1/E1 for asterisk server?

Hopefully, for calling card business in the future.