How many concurrent phones can a phone line carry?

Hi folks:

I planned to apply a hotline from local telecom to connect to my asterisk to run some kinda of call center service. How many concurrent phone call can this line usually carry? can reach more than 100?

I’ve emailed the telecom company days ago but there’s no reply yet.

thanks a million!

What sort of line are yo talking about? If you need 100 concurrent calls you will either need multiple T1/E1 lines or a pretty large IP based connection but you need to clarify a bit what you want to do and what you are looking at.

Let me clarify, it is call center service, I will provide 1 or 2 number to the public to call, but I think want these numbers sound busy if someone is on the line. So what I guess is I need multiple T1/E1 lines, is it? I put my asterisk in the local telecom’s server room, will they usually provide these T1/E1 lines? Thanks.

The lines would be installed on the call centre sites with the Asterisk server connected to them using something like a Sangoma A104 or A108 in the Asterisk server. How many call centre agents are involved?

In am UK based so in the UK each E1 circuit support 30 lines so that would be 4 E1 (ISDN-PRI) circuits. The Sangoma cards above support 4 lines. You might want to consider using two Asterisk servers (in a sort of Media Gateway configuration) to support the 4 lines (for redundancy) and then having a third Asterisk server to support the IP extensionsbehind these two (dependent on the total number of agents and other extensions).