Multiple Simultaneous PSTN Calls


I am totally new to Asterisk! so hoping someone can help

I have two offices, each to have an asterisk server. I want to use IAX for inter-office calls.

The problem is outbound calls to PSTN.

I need to allow upto 20 simultaneous outbound PSTN calls per server. I am going to use a VOIP provider.

My questions are

  1. can asterisk handle multiple outbound calls?
  2. will I need mutiple SIP lines from the VoIP provider
  3. would asterisk automatically detect the next available outbound SIP line and route the calls to it?

Any help appreciated

Martin :confused:


We are runnig a 120 channels, no problem at all.

Absolutely, you just need to dimension your server properly.

Yes, you will need to have 20*2 simultaneous ports with your SIP/PSTN provider.

So, once a call disconnects you want to be able to immediately place another call. You would need to write an application that monitors events via the Manager API to handle your outbound calling application.