Voip+gsm modem

I have few questions, I’m new to Asterisk so I hope that this is right place to

I’m going to Germany very soon and staying there for 4 years. I would like to
stay in touch with my friends from Serbia, Skype is standard solution for this
but it is expensive for me to call mobile in Serbia from Skype (I talk a lot,
and there is no “Skype In” for Serbia).

I was wondering is it possible to do following:

Put GSM modem in my PC in Serbia (with broadband internet connection), use
Asterisk as gateway between GSM modem (I already have one) and Skype. This
should have following function:

  1. If someone calls to my cell phone number in Serbia, software should redirect
    call to my Skype account which I’ll be using in Germany.
  2. Allow me to make a call from my cell phone number in Serbia trough Skype.
  3. Allow me to send/receive SMS messages. (I think there is SMS gateway software
    that forwards incoming SMS as email and vice versa, so this isn’t important

In short, I want to use my cell phone as I use it when I’m in Serbia though
internet :smile:

If what I’m asking is total nonsense, does anyone have alternative solution for

Thanks in advance!

What you want to do should be entirely possible with the chan_skype now offered by digium. You would use skype to call your asterisk server via chan_skype and the asterisk server could pass the call off to the GSM gateway. You should then in theory only be charged for whatever plan your GSM SIM card is using. Just a thought if a dedicated expert could back that up that would be a help.

Good Luck!!

What is chan_skype? I went to www.chanskype.com but site is in Portuguese, so I don’t understand how is that connected to my problem. Can you elaborate on this please?

Does every gsm modem have capability for voice calls? How is sound that comes from gsm modem directed to speakers? (For example, for the simpler problem: I want to make call from my pc using gsm modem, I know how to place voice call using minicom (in linux), but how to make sound from microphone to go to gsm modem and from modem to speakers? I know that this is a bit off topic, but I just want to get better understanding)

Skype For Asterisk is what I was talking about.

store.digium.com/productview.php … e=1SFA0001

As far as funcitinaly of a GSM gateway, I have not had the pleasure to own one (yet) so I can not be of much help there. Hope the above link puts you on the right track.

What is difference between GSM modem and GSM gateway? I’am not sure what hardware I need for this.

It seems to me that there is a lot of people that would benefit from this functionality (setup) but unfortunately I can’t find any HOWTO for this. It doesn’t seem like good investment to me, buying license for “Skype For Asterisk” and that at the end, it turns out that I don’t know how to put things together (or that I would need XX days to do that)

You can do this with GSM phone and Bluetooth USB dongle. Check this out:

snapvoip.blogspot.com/2007/10/co … gging.html

I don’t know how to work with skype, but with all sip phone work fine.
If you have trouble I will help You.

how can you get started to using skype?