Another asterisk newbie (hardware and skype)

Hello everyone,
Before I start I have to say that I searched but I just couldn’t find some answers, maybe because they are too stupid.
I will try to setup a voice solution for my job - small company -, but I’m a real beginner at this subject - also a trainee -, I wonder if some of you could help me with 4 really simple - stupid - questions (thank you for your time):

  1. Do I really need a expensive telephone card in my computer? It’s not that expensive, but it will cost almost the same thing as the used cpu I’m buying.
  2. I will have an analog line, so I just need to connect the phone line to a card and it’s done (I have just one line)?
  3. Once connected, the only thing to do is connect the server to a hub connected with WAN, computers (with softphones) and digital phones, so everything will work (after configurating extensions)? (Don’t need any special stuff, cabes or etc.?)
  4. If I don’t want to buy that card - at least not now -, I read asterisk can be used as skype gateway. So If I have and skype phone number, asterisk on a cpu and connect that cpu to my hub, will it redirect the calls to a specific computer or digital phone? All computers will need skype or can I use softphones?

If you know any of these answer I’ll be thankfull if you help. Again, thank you for you time.

You need a card for your analogue line. I am not sure if the, relatively cheap, single channel card (a rebadged WinModem) is supported by the current drivers.

The Skype modules is no longer available to buy; I have a feeling Skype withdrew permission.

There are a large number of companies that provide the equivalent of SkypeIn and SkypeOut, using SIP.

Thank you for your fast reply.

Well I have a sm56 (motorola) modem/voice card, but I believe it’s too simple to work with asterisk.

So I’ll need asterisk to provide SIPs and a third party software to run a skype gateway?

Thanks. … manual.pdf

Digium’s Skype product has been withdrawn.

Thank you again, I gave up the skype idea, it was going to give me too much work and I’m trying to set this VoIP server for a small company, so there’s no need to make some huge project (at least looks huge to me :stuck_out_tongue: )

I just wonder if I need any special equipment to make LAN communication. A common switch will handle it?

Thank you again, I’m learning a lot with your help.