GSM/GOIP Gateway for Asterisk (Recommendations/Advice)

Hi everyone,

I was looking for advice on which GSM/GOIP Gateways are recommended/supported with use for Asterisk - I am not sure is there is a supported/approved list at all? I was looking to use a GSM gateway (probably only 1 or 2 sim cards for now) that ideally connects via network (Ethernet – as opposed to any USB-based options or similar), and is well documented on how the gateway and asterisk is configured in a basic scenario. Any pointers to start some research would be appreciated, thanks as always.

I assume you mean mobile phone air interface, rather than GSM, as GSM is being retired.

I’d be surprised if any didn’t work with Asterisk. It would probably be more important to know what mobile network types and features they supported.

GOIP works perfectly with Asterisk I have 2 of them in my offices, you can use them as SIP client registered to Asterisk, or a SIP peer no SIP registration required

This morning, I asked myself if such still existed as I was thinking how i could automate testing of landline to cellphone calls.
When searching, I read some asking for VoLTE capability in Mikrotik devices.
Maybe some LTE gateways have this capability (Mikrotik’s don’t)

Thanks for everyone’s input.

I think I was looking for any officially supported gateways that had good and reliable basic implementation documentation for asterisk available. I think from the replies there isn’t any gateway that is officially supported, as such, by Asterisk?

I’ll leave the thread open for any other thoughts/inputs :slight_smile:

You’d find it difficult to find an ITSP with good and reliable documentation on interfacing with Asterisk. The vast majority of chan_sip configurations I’ve seen reported as from ITSPs are poorly implemented (few give chan_pjsip ones). It seems even less likely that you will find them for analogue and mobile network gateways. There is really no good alternative to actually understanding how configuration works.

Thanks @david551 for your perspective. Are there any mobile gateway vendors you have seen that are more reliable and better implement with pjsip than others? I am looking to find one to start with and learn.

Do you want to connect a GSM modem to asterisk? If so, be interested in chan dongle

Hi @ostek - thanks for the pointer! For now no, however, as I learn the full capabilities of Asterisk I would like to explore this as another project – along with chan_mobile to allow for a mobile phone to connect via Bluetooth to the Raspberry Pi for calls in a different way. My first project I wanted to explore network-based gateways :slight_smile:

we have some used , don’t know whether you can use used gateway or only need new ?

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