Question about GSM GATEWAYS

i’ve been googling allright, but could anyone in a few words explain what the benefits of a GSM GATEWAY precisely is, if we switch to VOIP? Is it just the difference in cost between a mobile 2 mobile connection, instead of a landline 2 mobile one?

i use a GSM gateway because my service provider gives me cheaper call rates between “friendly” numbers using the same provider. so i have an extension that connects to the gateway, waits a second or two, then dials the mobile number.

it also means i can dial in using a mobile at a cheaper rate than calling a landline.

other places i’ve set one up have had either lots of free minutes and it’s used as a trunk for landline->mobile calls or free calls between mobiles on the same commercial contract, so it’s used for all office->company-mobile calls.

our AGENCY A is in France. Do you have any ideas of service providers committed to “GSM VOIP” solutions?

so a GSM gateway actually doesn’t connect out to the national/global GSM network, but if you had a 2 port GSM module, the two phones that are registered/tied to that module would be able to call each other without hitting the network? or would the calls route through the existing GSM network, with the ‘hub’ being your PBX?

sorry for the dumb question - i’ve never understood how a GSM gateway actually works in an actual installation.

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Think of it like this the GSM Gateway is a cell phone which speaks to the asterisk server (serial port most times)

So you do not key in the number to a cell phone you key it in to a handset / softphone, and then the dailing pattern you have setup to “read” the tones, see’s the outbound call has the “dial patten” you set to point all the cell phone calls out the GSM gateway “trunk” so it goes out over the gsm gateway ( a small box you put a simm chip from your cell provider)

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Hi All,

Could any one tell me some GSM Gateway to route calls
from asterisk to that gateway like::

IP Phones --> Asterisk —> GSM Gateway —>

I am looking which can handle atleas 2 T1/E1
cuncurrent channels with full radius or built-in
billing supports.

     .Used VoIP GSM Gateway are welcome.

the wiki is your friend !!

Bear in mind that 2 E1 means 60 calls, and that GSM/Cell coverage is limited - A BTS (cell site) has a finite capacity, to serve the traffic usually seen in its location. If you start bombing the cell site with 60 calls, you may get poor call quality.