GSM and Astersik - hardware... What to choose?


I am new to Asterisk, so be gentle… Though, I’m fairly familiar with BSD (freeBSD), and shouldn’t have any trouble setting up the software - as long as I have the right hardware!

I live in Norway, and these days gsm calls are much cheaper than any VoIP provider, considering more and more of the calls goes to a gsm phone, not a traditional analogue phone. So my idea is to have a gsm gateway that handles outgoing calls to gsm phones, and a VoIP gateway that handles outgoing calls to analogue phones.

[color=green]Question 1: is it possible to configure Asterisk in a way so that the outgoing calls are displayed on the receivers phone with the VoIP number even if it is the gsm gateway that do the actual call? My bet is “noâ€