Voicemail stopped working

Hi folks - I am having difficulty with my Asterisk 1.8 upgrade from 1.6 and Voicemail.

We are running Ubuntu Server and Asterisk 1.8 and have had many issues but cannot seem to fix this one.

When anyone now tries to get their voicemail - we are set up to dial 500 to get Comedian Mail prompt then we enter our mailbox number and then the PIN when prompted. All of us can get the Comedian Mail, and mailbox prompt but when we enter our PIN ( same as before upgrade to 1.8 ) we get “Password Incorrect” - I have changed the password for myself in the voicemail.conf file and reloaded the dialplan etc but still get denied.

These are the sections of my config files and the CLI output ( I changed private info for this Post )

eastern = America/New_York|‘vm-received’ Q ‘digits/at’ IMp
central = America/Chicago|‘vm-received’ Q ‘digits/at’ IMp
central24 = America/Chicago|‘vm-received’ q ‘digits/at’ H N 'hours’
military = Zulu|‘vm-received’ q ‘digits/at’ H N ‘hours’ ‘phonetic/z_p’

; Define maximum number of messages per folder for partcular context.
71000 => 7566,user@mail.com
71006 => 1234,Sal D,sald@mail.com

callerid=Sal D

Extensions.conf …
exten => 71006,1,Dial(SIP/71006,10,tT)
exten => 71006,2,VoiceMail(71006)

This is the OUTput of the CLI when I try my extension 71006…
– Executing [500@internal:1] VoiceMailMain(“SIP/71006-000000c3”, “71006@default”) in new stack
– <SIP/71006-000000c3> Playing ‘vm-login.slin’ (language ‘en’)
– <SIP/71006-000000c3> Playing ‘vm-password.slin’ (language ‘en’)
– Incorrect password ‘1234’ for user ‘71006’ (context = default)
– <SIP/71006-000000c3> Playing ‘vm-incorrect-mailbox.slin’ (language ‘en’)

This is the CLI OUTput of the Voicemail users command

asterisk-server*CLI> voicemail show users…
Context Mbox User Zone NewMsg
default 71006 Sal D 0

[Feb 26 10:55:22] ERROR[1996]: app_voicemail_imapstorage.c:2417 inboxcount2: Couldn’t find mailbox 71000 in context default
[Feb 26 10:55:22] ERROR[1996]: app_voicemail_imapstorage.c:2417 inboxcount2: Couldn’t find mailbox 71006 in context default

I do not know where else to look for a misconfig or if something is not set correctly. Our mailboxes were working just fine on Asterisk 1.6. All I did was upgrade from 1.6 to 1.8 and had all the config files backed up.

Can anyone provide some guidance here?

Thank you!!

The final errors you posted seem to indicate that the system is looking for the mailboxes in external imap storage. Do you imap settings for e-mail?

Thank you for reply leemason - I can only answer by saying we were able to get to our voicemail before we did the Asterisk upgrade from 1.6 to 1.8 - nothing else change - at least I didn’t change anything. A lot of things went south we did the upgrade - I am got most of them except for this so far.

I don’t know if there is a config file that I may need to change and where it might be. If there’s such a config file in app_imapstorage somewhere, can you point me to that file?

I checked our sip.conf, extensions.conf, and voicemail.conf files - they are unchanged and the same as before the upgrade.

I do know that I get another error about the SRTP module not being loaded but I’m not sure of it’s relation to this.

I found a solution - I downloaded and installed Asterisk Now / FreePBX. I’m configuring it and it seems to do the trick.

Let’s close this thread - Thank you.