Comedian Mail won't let me change Voicemail Passwords

Hello everyone. I’m having a weird problem when it comes to comedian mail. The Voicemail works and I can retrieve messages fine. But when I want to change my voicemail password through comedian mail it won’t let me. What will happen is it will play the menu options to change your busy message, unavailable message, change password and all that. When I choose the change password option it will just replay the menu options. However when I choose the other options they work fine. The only one that doesn’t work is the change password one. I was wondering if there was an option out there that I need to enable. I mean I can change the password by going into voicemail.conf and manually doing it. But I was thinking of doing something that would reduce the workload for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Does the user or group that asterisk is running under have permission to write to voicemail.conf? Is the voicemail box specified in voicemail.conf or is there in include file involved?

The users have the permissions to change the voicemail.conf. There is only root user on the machine. All the configurations are right. Has anyone heard of this happening before?