Voicemail problem on incomming DID


Im havnig some problem with my Asterisk@home, I have configured asterisk for both outgoing and incomming(DID) calls, Now the problem is if I dial from local extension 100 to 101 (i.e. sip_additional.conf) and the client 101 doesnt picks up call it automatically play my temporary greeting message and then take me to voicemail

where as 101 is mapped to a DID,Actual problem is when I dial to that DID which is mapped on local extension 101 in extension.conf, it rings and work fine but if I dont pick up the call it dosnt play any temp. greeting message and doesnt take me to voicemail system and hangup the call…Please help


I thought we got that fixed if you want it to play the unavalible message try using u

exten => 4088344333,3,Voicemail(u104)

see here

voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … +VoiceMail