Voicemail doubt

I have a questrion regarding to voicemail. when someone goes to the voicemail, after they leave the message they have to press # in order to save the message. is there any way to avoid pushing #, many people don’t know o forget to press it and the message get’s lost. can you help me?

If they hangup also works

no it doesn’t. is there any parameter that I need to set in order to enable that?

I believe it does, so I think you are going to have to start telling us a lot more about your configuration.

One possibility is that you have an analogue connection, without disconnect supervision, and the recording is never completing.

You should always identify the Asterisk version, and the channel drivers in use.

this is an example of the voicemail in my dialplan, I know it’s very basic, i’m quite new with Asterisk. I used to have a macro with the vm, but I couldn’t make it work, so i wrote this:

exten => 60713,1,Answer()
exten => 60713,n,Wait(1)
exten => 60713,n,Dial(SIP/60713,20)
exten => 60713,n,VoiceMail(60713@buzon)
exten => 60713,n,Hangup()

exten => *400,1,Answer()
exten => *400,n,Wait(1)
exten => *400,n,Voicemailmain(${CALLERID(num)}@buzon)
exten => *400,n,Hangup()

60713 => 1234,lucas fradusco,lfradusco@carone.com.ar

it works fine pressing #, but i think it should work when hangup
i’m working with the 1.4 version

thanks in advance.

1.4 varies from about a year old to around 5 years old, with some security fixes up to April this year. Which 1.4 version?

Which channel driver is being used for the incoming calls?

excuse me, as i said i’m new with Asterisk.
the version i’m using is the 1.4.42
the incoming calls use dahdi and sip channels, sip for internal communication and dahdi for external.

Do you have the problem on both SIP and dahdi? Is dahdi analogue, associated channel signalling, or common channel signalling?

Also, if this is a new install, note that the 1.4 series hasn’t been appropriate for normal new installations for over a year.