Voicemail not going to email

I have two Asterisk boxes…the new box and the old box. Under the old box a particular user always got his voicemail as an email attachment. Under the new box the user does not get his voicemail even though the new configuration should be exactly like the old.

Couldn’t I just copy extensions.conf from the old to the new machine and be done with it??

You will need to make sure the extension.conf is the same to allow people to leave the user a voicemail; however, to make sure the mailbox is setup you will need to make sure the voicemail.conf is also configured the same (IE has the correct email address and the attach=yes option specified and so on).

Hope this makes sense and works for you.

I had the same issue :smile:

This can be a problem of setup in the mail sender itself.

Try a tail -f /var/log/maillog and leave a voicemail to a user to see if the mail is sent or refused.

Post here the part of the log so I can help further.