Voicemail no longer attaches to emails

I’ve got a small problem with no email being sent from the voicemail to the mailbox user’s email address. I just re-installed the system and restored the conf files from a backup. The person who installed the system initially (always someone else’s fault :wink: didn’t document a single step, so I’m wondering if I failed to configure something. I am told that sendmail is sending to MS Exchange on the same network shrug

in voicemail.conf
mailcmd=/usr/sbin/sendmail -t

77 => 1234,My Name,myemail@email.com.au

any help would be greatly appreciated :smile:
Chris Mylo

[default] 77 => 1234,My Name,myemail@email.com.au,,attach=yes

if you want the VM deleted from the asterisk server and delivered via email only (perfect for our organization, everyone loves this feature)

[default] 77 => 1234,My Name,myemail@email.com.au,,attach=yes|delete=yes