[Resolved] Audio quality problem on recorded .gsm files

Hello all!

I’ve ot a problem with the audio being very static like on recorded files.

Here is what is wrong so far.
The default gsm sound files that came with asterisk were static up the whazoo, had asterisk convert one to wav, it was still static like. i replaced those with new sounds that i found online in a link here somewhere. and they sound just fine.

Any voicemails recorded sound just fine when played back(albeit a little quiet, but i believe i can boost that in the gain settings)

So here is my main problem, using the asterisk gui gotten out of the svn, i use the record menu function(trying to setup an ivr), i record something then have it call me to play it back, it’s all staticy again.

So here is my setup, a 600mhz pentium box(intel mobo)
a Sangoma a200 with 4 fxo ports
asterisk 1.4.21 compiled via source

Using this system as essentially a vm server for a legacy pbx, i have mostly everything working, i really just have a problem with these recordings now.

Im not sure which .conf would be relevant, so let me know and i will post it!
Also none of the logs report any problems, for all intents and purposes it thinks everything is fine.



I just fixed the problem, turns out it is related to bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=12443

setting the dont optimize flag in make menuselect fixed the problem on my system.

process followed:

make clean
make menuselect
make install

after that, it worked like a champ!