VoiceMail Full but no message => IVR

I don’t understand why I have this issue but I have an IVR who play a little message and just after go to a voicemail with option to transfert the message to email et delete the voice message.
All work for one week but no when you phone to the number, you have a message “The voicemail is full”, my message in my IVR is not play.
I go to /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/ and all my voicemail are empty (INBOX, old, temp, …)

Why it’s so much wierd that when I delete the line to redirect to the voicemail and reload all (all the VM VOIP), I already have the same message (“Voicemail is full”).

You can help me ?

It’s my IVR :

exten = s,1,NoOp(### Voicemail-Conge.conf ###)
same = n,NoOp(Set the context containing your ivr destinations.)
same = n,Set(IVR_DESTINATION_CONTEXT=default)
same = n,NoOp(Set the directory containing your ivr sounds.)
same = n,Set(GV_DIRECTORY_SOUNDS=/var/lib/sounds/menu)
same = n,NoOp(the system answers the call and waits for 1 second before continuing)
same = n,Answer(1000)
same = n,Wait(1)
same = n,NoOp(Play the sound message)
same = n,Background(${GV_DIRECTORY_SOUNDS}/toussaint)
same = n,Voicemail(95@default,s)

What is output of Asterisk CLI command: voicemail show users for default ?

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