Voicemail box is full

I was unable to locate a particular section that related to my distro, but I will leave that information out for now.
The simple problem that I am having is that I have multiple extensions telling me the voicemail box is full and you are not able to leave a message.
however going into the actual folder there are not any messages there. I cannot seem to figure out any voicemail config files that related to this particular issue. if anyone can simply point me in the right direction as to what may be causing this, that would be great. simply put, it says the mailbox is full but it is clearly 100 percent empty. affecting only 2 of 10 extensions, had to recreate the extension to fix this the first time as I thought it was a fluke. seems to be a trend forming. Thanks.
I am aware of the 100 message limit in the voicemail config file but no others, as of yet. Thank you again.
asterisk version 1.4.22

you can dial feature code to delete voicemails.