VOICEMAIL.conf keeps merging with INCLUDED files

I have a lot of INCLUDE statements in my main voicemail.conf file.

For some reason, it keeps merging all the included files and removing the INCLUDE reference in the voicemail.conf file
This is causing my voicemail.conf to be gigantic which makes it difficult to organize. Is there any way to stop voicemail.conf to stop including additional conf files in itself?


Unless something has changed, one file that doesn’t handle include is the voicemail.conf

AFAIK it has to be one file. as for example when a user changes their password this is reflected in the file.


I run a system and use includes with my files. They are not merging on me. Which version of asterisk are you running?

As silly as it seems, this is my layout…I haven’t tried breaking the mailboxes up into department config files yet…

  #include voicemail_company.conf

  #include voicemail_company.entries

  3251 => 1234,Traci Baty

Mazzic, what if you were to change your voicemail password. See if your files merge together. I’m thinking maybe that’s what triggers the merge then. Since most people don’t change their VM password, maybe thats why its not happening to you.

My voicemail.conf is 700KB after it gets merge. You can see why that can be a problem. Yes we do have that many voicemails. I’m using asterisk 1.4.x (Digium release, so not sure the exact equivalent of Rev C.2.1.2). I think its time I migrate all my VM into ARA database. That should fix it.

We do change our passwords. I have it set to require it to be changed the first time. Our size is only about 100 mailboxes.

I did split my voicemail entries into two files and tested it. The passwords in the appropriate files were updated and they were not merged.

Yes, I would find it quite frustrating to split my mailbox entries into multiple files for an organizing purpose, to find Asterisk merged them together.