Voicemail Issues with Asterisk 1.6

System does not seem to be emailing voicemails left by users. After completing the setup-mail setting in putty no emails are sent… Seems to be stuff missing in my conf files…

Can you post your voicemail.conf file here?


#include vm_email.inc
#include vm_general.inc
251 => 251,251,cmartin6660@gmail.com,attach=yes|saycid=yes|envelope=yes|delete=no

I’m sure he meant the file as processed by Asterisk, i.e. with all the included files!

Sorry, This is what I thought was needed. New to this. Can you point me in the correct location.

The contents of vm_email.inc and vm_general.inc, in the same directory, and any files that they include, recursively.

I can’t see anything wrong there.

Can you successfully send e-mail from the system, perhaps from the command line?