Voicemail.conf lost in 1.6

I am running Asterisk

I had a fully developed voicemail.conf file that has been working correctly for the past year or so. A user attempted to update her voicemail settings today (change password probably) and now my voicemail.conf files says only the following:

;! Automatically generated configuration file
;! Filename: voicemail.conf (/etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf)
;! Generator: AppVoicemail
;! Creation Date: Wed Jan 4 17:19:53 2012

It looks like ALL settings have disappeared. I now have to try and reconstruct it? Right? Is there any chance there is an copy of the file before AppVoicemail overwrote it?

Yesterday I installed Free Fax for Asterisk, is there some possibility that this caused this new behavior? It is about the only change I have made to the server in months, other than normal extensions.conf and sip.conf maintenance.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, particularly that help me find the voicemail.conf content that has disappeared. :smile: