Voice mail forwarding and other issues

hey folks
this time just a few questions :smile:

  1. is it possible to log in to some one else’s voicemail box from your phone.
    i.e: i am on extension 333 and want to listen to voice mail of extension 444 ?

  2. is there a way to automatically forward voicemails from one extension to another, or preferably to a few at once ?

  3. little advice that helped me out.
    got this off asteriskguru.com entry on voicemail
    (asteriskguru.com/tutorials/aster … email.html)

hope it will help others:

a quick tip for Grandstream users:

If, when accessing your voicemail, the automated voice speaks but the phone is not responding to any keys, do the following:

  1. Load your web browser and enter the IP of the phone.
  2. At the Grandstream Device Configuration screen, select Advanced Settings.
  3. Change the “Send DTMF” from ‘in-audio’ to ‘via SIP INFO’.
  4. Update and reboot the phone and voicemail will work correctly.

ps: we got grandstream budgetone 100 and 2 gxp 2000, with all the latest firmware updates.


if your dialplan has something like this

exten=> 8500,1,VoiceMailMain

Then you dial 8500 and should get a prompt for mailbox and login enter the one you want. After listening to the message you should get an option to forward message to another mailbox

it’s all good
but i need this to be done automaticly

voicemail is left
and forwarded by the system
without any external help
to another extention’s voicemail
( i actually need it to go to 3 different ones)

Found this on the wiki

Voicemail broadcasts
Voicemail broadcasts can be created with the VoiceMail command in the dialplan. This can be combined with the delete option to delete the original voicemail.

In extensions.conf:
exten => 100,1,VoiceMail(u101&102&103)

In voicemail.conf:
101 => 4242,Group Mailbox,delete=1
102 => 4242,Buckaroo Bonzai,buckaroo@bonzai.com
103 => 4242,John Whorphin,john@monkeyboy.com

This entry creates a group mailbox at mailbox 101, which, on receipt, is copied to mailboxes 102 and 103. Following the copy to these other mailboxes, the original voice message is deleted.

When multiple mailboxes are specified, the unavailable or busy message will be taken from the first mailbox specified. This could be used to record a special unavailable or busy message for the broadcast mailbox (101 in this example).

Nice! Had not seen that before.

thanks for the answer, Rusty !!

let’s see if i understood this thing right…

when you call ext:100
voicemai li left in ext 101, which then is forwarded to 102 and 103
and deleted from ext 101’s voicemail box

would you happen to stil have
the exect url where you got this from ?

Close to the bottom of page

voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … email.conf

looks like another question has just poped up.

i am using A@H
I don’t know whether to edit voicemail.conf or voicemail_additional.conf
I think the second one might be rewritten by the gui


never used @home but I think it uses the additional.conf