Question about Asterisk 1.4 VoiceMailMain

Hey all. I’m currently running an Asterisk 1.2.x box right now, and the biggest complaint I have in the office is its inability to send voicemails to multiple users from voicemailmain, and its inability to forward voicemails to more than one user. I have created a workaround for voicemail broadcasting (basically just an extension with plenty of prompts), but forwarding remains an issue I can’t fix, as I have no experience in coding C. I’ve tried searching the forums and, but neither have been fruitful.

Can anyone tell me if Asterisk 1.4 handles voicemail broadcasting and forwarding differently? When you choose “send a message” or “forward this message” from the voicemail menu, does it allow you to input more than one user? Is this a planned feature?