Asterisk Voicemail Forwarding?

I would like to see if it’s possible to forward voicemails (automaticly) to another voicemail box.

So let’s say somebody leaves a voicemail for box 100 (generic) and after it’s left it will be forwarded (and deleted if possible from the 100 box) to the person who should handle these calls.

Anybody a suggestions?


How do you know how to automatically forward them without checking the contents?

If you do know this already, then why not put it to that person’s mailbox in the first place?

The generic mailbox has a different greeting on it,

the mailbox who I would like to see it forwarded to, has a personal greeting on it.

Yes, but how do you know how to forward it to that personalized mailbox in the first place? What makes that decision? Does it have to be made by a person? What do they base that decision on? Caller ID? Dialed Number? If it’s either of those, then you don’t have to forward it to another box automatically, you just go ahead and direct it to that other mailbox.

I would like for it just forward all messages.

If I direct the call directly to that mailbox, wouldn’t I get the personalized greeting?

We might be drifting.

You can leave a voicemail in more than one mailbox: … _VoiceMail

Thank you, that got me on track.

What I did is :

exten => s,n,VoiceMail(101&120)

101 => xxxx,Voicemailbox,,delete=yes