Very simple billing system on real time

Hi there,
about a couple of moths ago i started this post, where i was looking for a very simple billing system, where a person comes to my place, makes a couple of calls, i charge them and they leave! … ing+system

i made it happen with a couple of tables on mysql using the asteriskcdrdb table.
The system works, and it registers the phone calls, but it does it AFTER the call has been made.
I found out that’s not what i need, given the fact that i have to know in real time what’s happening!
ive read some stuff on asterisk real time, but it seems to work with config files and updating config without reloading.
Is there soemthing about ARA that im missing or thats not the way to go?
how do i make a system that works in real time?
thanks in advance

You see, the asterisk console which gives you the CLI prompt shows everything that is currently going on. The ARA is built so that you dont have to reload asterisk after you change your configs.

ive seen on the cli all the data. how can i get THAT data? such as dial number, trunk used and stuff? so that im able to handle it before the call ends?

There are Menager - sory I have almost no experience with it - but I saw it shows current connections.

If you are using something like astcc, they by default limit calls according to money in ccount.