Newbie questions

Questions from a it development manager (newbie to Asterisk).
My excuses if I ask dumb questions.
Any answers much appreciated, thanks in advance! :smile:

  • I want to crunch call stats in my MySQL database, that is my main objective right now.
    I want to feed the call stats (the CDR data (Call Detail Record)) into my MySQL database in real time, or near real time.
    The MySQL is located on a remote hosted server.
    : Do I then install Asterisk on the remote hosted server?
    : Or do I install Asterisk locally, on another server and “feed” the data to the database? Feeding by for example http post or a remote DB connect?

  • Can I get a hosted Asterisk application with a full interface so I can do everything as if I had it locally? I much prefer software as a service. I have seen Telecom, but could not make sense of what they are really offering, they do take a lot of knowledge for granted.

If no one is yet offering a fully hosted full Asterisk application I believe I am a ready customer right now.
I will need help to “feed” the CDR data live to my MySQL server.

Thanks again!

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use asterisk addons, you need mysql-client and mysql-client-dev (libmysql15+±dev) in debian, compile&install, search for wiki for cdr mysql example table, create db in mysql and table, fill crd_mysql.conf (user password , mysql db adress, port) and feel happy.

I have been looking around, taken advice.

In general I will say that this market will increasingly be filled with people like me that are not extremely technical, we are managers trying to find our way through this jungle.

No-one seems to cater for people like me!
Everyone is extremely tech and jargon oriented.
NO ONE of the firms I have looked at even have have a simple glossary of terms (or links), no one has videos for managers to understand the systems.

Everyone just assumes that they are talking directly to other hardboiled it people.

Who ever takes the time to help managers in this jungle has a huge opportunity.

Take it! :smile:

PM me your skype/msn/icq i will explain in details

It’s getting clearer to me what I need now:

I need a server (dedicated or virtual) with:


The Asterisk server must be set up to receive about 100 DID’s.
At least 50-100 simultaneous calls should be possible.
The inbound calls will be answered with just a busy signal for now in the test phase.
The Asterisk will produce a call log.
The call log will be put into the local MySQL database.
The database will export the call log data out to a different server on the net with a different MySQL database.
This export will need to be done near real time using say Pentacoast Kettle.

That’s about what I need.

Who can provide me this as a service including a setup to these specifications?
If you know of any please provide link, much appreciated.

(I am sorry I have not gone into dialog with all the answers I have gotten, I did with a few and it just confused me even further with more technical questions.)

Thanks again, I am enlightened.

I am continuing this thread here,

Thanks for ideas and tips!